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Will the Rams Be Playoff Ready in Their First Year Back in Los Angeles?

  There has always been enormous pressure on the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, especially if the position selected was a quarterback. The recent success of former quarterbacks taken in previous drafts such as Russell Wilson and Andrew…
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A Healthy Todd Gurley Is A Runaway Favorite to Become 2015 NFL Rookie of the Year

The premise seemed simple enough: Due to the devaluation of the running back position and the depth of the 2015 draft class, any team that selected a running back in the first round of this year’s draft made a major…
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Gridiron Fanatic.Net 2015 Season Predictions: NFC West

Seahawks 13-3 Cardinals  11-5 Rams         9-7 49ers         8-8 Division Winner: Seattle Seahawks Seahawks: 13-3 After failing to take home their second Super Bowl title, the Seattle Seahawks will be motivated to make…
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