What Do the Cowboys Have In Dak Prescott?

Yesterday on ESPN’s Mike&Mike and other media outlets around the country, the headlines that dominated the majority of the day was the performance of Dallas Cowboys rookie quarterback Dak Prescott in his debut against the Los Angeles Rams. Prescott was 10 of 12 for 139 yards and two touchdown passes.

It was Prescott’s first preseason game, and the Cowboy’s fan base had gone nuts over the third round pick out of Mississippi State performance against the Rams last Saturday.

There has been many discussions on the NFL’s four preseason games being too much for the players to handle going into the 16- game regular season, however; for rookies like Dak Prescott, it shows the Cowboys coaching staff if they have a viable option at the backup quarterback position.

In 2015, the Cowboys had one of the worst records in the National Football League, after quarterback Tony Romo missed the majority of the season with a fractured clavicle.

Even with the league’s best offensive line and a solid running game, the Cowboys could not grab a hold of the NFC East Title. The reason for their struggles in 2015, is because they were not prepared for Tony Romo to miss the majority of the season with a serious injury.

The team signed Matt Cassell, who continues to get paid off of the 2008 season when he stepped in for Tom Brady, who was lost for the year with a Torn ACL injury. The Matt Cassell experiment was a complete failure as the Cowboys finished dead last in the NFC East.

Now that Dak Prescott is in the fold, they better use the next three games to see if they have their quarterback of the future. The next contest may not be as impressive as the previous one against the Rams, however; General Manager Jerry Jones and the rest of the Cowboys front office should not use a bad performance by Prescott as a cause for concern.

Prescott will have many subpar performances in his young career in the National Football League. Jerry Jones must show patience in the development of this young signal caller. If Romo goes down due to an injury, Prescott is the projected starting quarterback that will be under center for the Cowboys.

I believe Prescott can be a legitimate option for the Cowboys if he is thrust into becoming the team’s starting quarterback. However, there will be some growing pains that come with the territory of being a premier quarterback in the National Football League. I understand that Cowboy fans were excited over Prescott’s performance last week, but they should not get their hopes up.


Photo credits by sportsday.dallasnews.com

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