Will the Rams Be Playoff Ready in Their First Year Back in Los Angeles?


There has always been enormous pressure on the first overall pick in the NFL Draft, especially if the position selected was a quarterback. The recent success of former quarterbacks taken in previous drafts such as Russell Wilson and Andrew Luck has made expectations for first-year quarterbacks even higher. It will be no different for Rams first round selection, and number one overall pick in the 2016 NFL, Jared Goff out of the University of California at Berkely.

The Rams decided to trade spots with the Tennessee Titans, who at the time had the number one overall selection in this year’s draft. To go along with the Rams selection of Jared Goff in the NFL Draft, this will be the first time that the Rams will be playing in the City of Los Angeles since leaving after the 1994 season.

For those that know a thing or two about professional sports in Los Angeles, they know that the honeymoon can end real quick if the perspective team is not having a winning season. Los Angeles is the second highest media market in the United States right now, and professional football is not the only show in town.

The winter’s in the “City of Angels” is relatively subtle compared to other large markets such as Chicago, New York, and Boston. With that being said, cabin fever does not have a chance of encroaching on the people that call Los Angeles home. There are far more things to do in Los Angeles around the fall and winter time than any other large market in the United States.

The Rams have the roster to compete for a playoff spot in the NFC, however; their biggest issue will be how fast can Jared Goff learn the nuances of a pro-style offense. They have a stout defense that is capable of making big plays in crucial situations, and a workhorse in running back Todd Gurley that can wear down opposing teams on a weekly basis.

Rams head coach Jeff Fisher will run a conservative style offense with Goff under center. Fisher will rely heavily on Todd Gurley like he did when he had Eddie George as his starting running back with the Tennessee Titans. The Rams offense will also have wide receiver Tavon Austin, who has the potential to make explosive plays in times of need.

To sum it all up, Jared Goof will play the role of game manager for the Rams to have a chance to make the playoffs this season. History has shown us that the Rams are capable of knocking off division heavyweights the Seattle Seahawks and the Arizona Cardinals.

Along with that statement, the Rams were the only team in the division to sweep the season series with the Seattle Seahawks. The Rams are going into year one of playing in the City of Los Angeles, their success on the field will determine how long the honeymoon with their fan base in L.A. will last.


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