Gridiron Fanatic.Net 2015 Playoff and Super Bowl Projected Outlook

This is the final installment in the 2015 season predictions of the National Football League. This post will feature who Tops Sports believes will make it to the playoffs, along with which teams will play for the right to hold the Lombardi Trophy in the end. Due to recent injuries, there’s a slight change in one of the wildcard teams in the NFC. Aside from that, this is the projected outlook for the 2015 season in the National Football League.


NFC Division Winners

1. Seahawks: 13-3

2. Cowboys: 12-4

3. Packers:   11-5

4. Saints:     11-5


NFC Wildcard Seeds 5th thru 6th

5. Cardinals: 11-5

6. Lions: 10-6


NFC Playoff Scenario

NFC Wildcard Round

Cardinals vs Packers

Packers defeat Cardinals 27-23

Saints VS Lions

Saints defeat Lions 45-28


NFC Divisional Round

Saints vs Seahawks

Saints defeat Seahawks 27-20

Packers VS Cowboys

Cowboys defeat Packers 28-24


NFC Championship Game

Saints VS Cowboys

Cowboys defeat Saints 31-28: Cowboys advance to Super Bowl 50


Teams that will be in the hunt for the playoffs.

1. Giants

2. Rams

3. Eagles

4. Bears

5. Panthers



AFC Division Winners

1. Colts: 13-3

2. Patriots: 12-4

3. Broncos: 11-5

4. Steelers: 11-5

AFC Wildcard Seeds 5th thru 6th

5. Dolphins: 11-5

6. Ravens: 10-6

AFC Playoffs Scenario

Wildcard Round

Ravens VS Broncos

Broncos defeat Ravens 28-26

Dolphins VS Steelers

Steelers defeat Dolphins 42-24

AFC Divisional Round

Steelers VS Patriots

Patriots defeat Steelers 38-35

Broncos VS Colts

Broncos defeat Colts 31-27

AFC Championship: Broncos VS Patriots

Patriots defeat Broncos 38-34: Patriots advance to Super Bowl 50


Teams that will be in the hunt.

1.  Chiefs

2. Chargers

3. Texans

4. Bengals

5. Bills


Super Bowl 50: Cowboys vs Patriots

Cowboys defeat Patriots 28-21

Cowboys win Super Bowl 50




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